Commercient Oracle EBS & Salesforce CRM Database Sync For Businesses Announced

This integration comes to the SYNC platform with the goal of providing businesses with a unified and adaptive toolset to handle all aspects of their daily operations. The integration between Salesforce and Oracle EBS allows users to easily access each customer’s sales and accounting data.

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Commercient’s integration allows Salesforce users to utilize a range of accessibility and adaptability features only available on Oracle, while managing data through a unified system. Salesforce and Oracle EBS are both designed to support a growing business, and during that process, this integration can support scaling data entry needs across both platforms.

This pre-built integration through the SYNC app offers fast implementation times, and can be set up in a few days while running primarily in the background. The system is designed to prevent data loss, and can combine databases from both apps to improve cross-team communication and efficiency. Much of this SYNC process can be automatically conducted, although the app does feature manual controls to select only the desired records and databases during the process.

In addition, the app provides controls to schedule backup and synchronization processes. For example, the bi-direction SYNC process can run automatically every day and hour, or only on an as-needed basis thanks to the manual controls.

The SYNC app is built on the belief that each piece of business management software provides its own advantages, but also that each has limits. This integration is designed to supplement the Salesforce customer service and supply chain monitoring tools with the ERP software necessary to effectively manage those resources without having to repeatedly enter data.

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SYNC operates at the object level, meaning that each piece of data is evaluated on its own to prevent redundancies. Not only does this prevent human error and duplicate orders, it also allows the sales and warehouse teams of a given business to view the same data at the same time, ensuring each order can be managed effectively.

This integration joins +110 others on the SYNC app, continuing Commercient’s trend of providing ERP to CRM integrations for businesses of all sizes and industries. Their team works exclusively on these integrations to ensure that each one functions as seamlessly as possible, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else.

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