Invisible Nipple Concealers: Bra Replacement Nippies Skin Covers Announced

Fashion-conscious individuals have long struggled with backless dresses designed for wear without a bra. Newly announced CleanSeams by the Her Discretion brand gives women the freedom and confidence they need to forgo a bra and embrace backless dresses and blouses. The company’s reusable peel-and-stick nipple concealers are virtually invisible under clothing, giving discerning women the elegant appearance they’re after, and a hand-washable product they can use again and again.

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CleanSeams’ invisible nipple concealers are thoughtfully crafted with soft, flexible materials free of BPA and phthalates, and enhanced with a medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive. With the company’s latest announcement, women can achieve an attractive, high-fashion look in backless dresses and clothing by shelving the bra and using CleanSeams nipple concealers instead.

“Our CleanSeams nipple covers are sold with two pairs that come enclosed in a beautifully designed travel box for easy portability, and for display in the bedroom or on the bathroom vanity,” says a company spokesperson. “One of the main reasons why CleanSeams nippies are so popular is that they’re extremely comfortable and can last from day to night.”

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By replacing a bra with CleanSeams, women can avoid fussing with or worry about undergarment straps poking through their clothing and underwire strapless bras that slip, bunch, and can dig into the midriff area.

The lightweight, soft, and reusable CleanSeams nipple covers adhere comfortably to the skin, providing an invisible barrier between the breast and sheer clothing, and creating the smooth and natural look women need when wearing backless fashions.

Designed to thin out from the middle to the edges, this style of nipple concealer – or “nippie skin cover” – keeps a woman’s silhouette looking natural so clothing design features can be spotlighted without compromise.

Moreover, CleanSeams are waterproof and slip-proof, ensuring worry-free wear under bathing suits and in humid conditions. And because they are reusable, the nipple covers are a more eco-friendly choice than single-use alternatives.

A recent customer writes, “Best nipple cover adhesives I’ve ever used, and I’ve never seen them come in such a luxurious travel box before. I was surprised at how well they adhere without any lifting edges. They really are seamless.”

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