Austin Pre-Owned, Refurbished Desktop Computers For Schools, Inventory Update

With the latest move, the store continues its long tradition of serving small businesses in the Austin area with a wide range of refurbished computers. Discount Electronic has a dedicated B2B division that can help small and medium-sized businesses select the most suitable computing solutions to fit their needs both in budget and processing power.

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The announcement highlights the commitment of Discount Electronics’ team to helping customers source high-quality, pre-owned computer hardware as well as parts and accessories. With computers now playing a central role in both the educational and administrative side of school life, the store ensures that all machines purchased are fully serviced and optimized for top performance.

As many schools in the US continue to struggle as a result of decreasing government spending on education, Discount Electronics meets the need for top-of-the-range technology but without the high price tags of brand new machines. Each device can be custom-configured and, despite the used machines occasionally bearing some minor cosmetic blemishes, they all have many years of use left in them.

A dedicated account manager ensures that schools and colleges always receive a high level of service, from someone who understands the organization, its challenges, and its preferences regarding workflow, manufacturers, and budgets.

Those educational organizations seeking to install a full suite of machines in classrooms or IT labs can access bulk pricing and volume order reductions. Other advantages of the service include NET30 and school financing programs. With its refurbished range, Discount Electronics can offer customers as much as a 33% concession on a device’s standard as-new price.

The company operates from its physical store on West Parmer Lane and welcomes customers to the showroom to discuss their needs with attentive and knowledgeable staff members. Discount Electronics has been featured on numerous national news outlets such as CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox News, highlighting its solid reputation as a leading IT retailer.

A spokesperson says, “Discount Electronics sells more used and refurbished computers than any other company. We have thousands of Dell, HP, and Lenovo desktops, both used and refurbished. All of our desktop computers include a one-year warranty -direct from Discount Electronics. So, no matter whether you call them refurbished or used, desktops, computers, towers, or PCs, we have you covered.”

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