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Miami, FL – Individuals facing criminal charges feel as if their entire world has turned upside down, especially when thrust into an unfamiliar space. Stroleny Law, P.A., a criminal defense attorney takes time to hear about clients’ alleged criminal offenses with compassion and care, offering non-judgmental legal guidance when most needed. The firm is led by Attorney Julian Stroleny, a former state prosecutor with previous experience in how the criminal justice system works on the inside. He believes in protecting his client’s rights and explores all possible options without compromising the law or statutes.

Despite being less than felonies, misdemeanors carry significant penalties of one year in jail time, license suspension, increased insurance rates, deportation, and the inability to become a citizen. Misdemeanors include domestic violence, assault/battery, criminal mischief, loitering, petit theft, resisting officer without violence, stalking, shoplifting, and indecent exposure. While it isn’t pleasant bearing the burden of a criminal record, an attorney can advocate for a client to participate in a pretrial intervention program where they can persuade the prosecutors not to file charges or convince the judge that their crimes aren’t sufficient to lead to a conviction or that some evidence shouldn’t be admissible.

White-collar crimes are usually nonviolent offenses involving fraud, misrepresentation, or deception to seek something of value, whether money or other financial assets. Computer-related crimes are common today because businesses, education, relationships, and shopping are all done online. For this reason, state and federal legislators have updated penal codes like the Florida Computer Crimes Act, which creates separate crimes for offenses against trade secret information, intellectual property, electronic devices, and computer networks. Stroleny Law, P.A. educates clients about the legal terms, end-result after an accusation, and other types of computer crimes attracting severe penalties.

When a child or minor is arrested and charged with a juvenile crime, consequences may arise that affect their reputation and prospects. A defense attorney may advocate dismissing a child’s charges, having their records sealed/expunged, or securing an alternative resolution to jail time. Additionally, Attorney Julian Stroleny represents individuals accused of hate crimes, probation violations, obstruction of justice, drug possession/trafficking, or federal charges. Check out their website to learn more about their Miami office.

Once clients contact Stroleny Law, P.A., they speak to an attorney about their charges, desires, and end goals. From there, the team conducts an independent investigation by interviewing witnesses, consulting medical experts, or collecting videos/photos. They create a custom legal plan, find unique defense strategies, negotiate with prosecutors, and prepare motions while keeping clients informed of the progress of their cases. The firm’s approach to representation has earned them many 5-star reviews.

“Far from Brazil, I had my case solved by Mr. Julian Stroleny with full, fast, and constant information updates. He was also very kind throughout the whole process.” Andre’, Satisfied Client.

To schedule a case evaluation, call (305) 615-1285. The law firm is at 66 W Flagler St, Suite 1005, Miami, FL, 33130, US.

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