New Google Tool Lets Users Track And Delete Search Results About Themselves

Google is launching new tools to help users track and delete search results about themselves like untrue information, unwanted contact details a move to assuage users’ concerns about privacy.

Google’s new tool will gather search results about users in a personal dashboard, so users can keep track, get notified when new information pops up on search and request that results be removed.

The company said the process of deleting personal information is now more straightforward for eligible instances such as untrue information, unwanted contact details such as an address or phone number.


The new tool, which is only available in the U.S. and in English for now, doesn’t actually delete the information from the internet— it just stops it from showing up in search results. Google suggested users contact the specific website that has posted unwanted information about themselves to request it be removed.


Americans have become increasingly concerned about what big tech platforms do with their private information. Over 80% of Americans said the potential risks they face because of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits they get from signing up on different platforms, a 2019 Pew Research study found. Concerns about specific platforms have only grown in recent years: By May 2023, the majority of Americans saw TikTok—owned by China-based ByteDance—as a threat to national security in the U.S., a recent Pew study found.

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